Kim Bak Olsen


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Anupam Patel, PhD, Fall 2021-

Ke Xu, PhD, Fall 2020-

Te-Yang Yeh, PhD, Fall 2016-

Zhifeng Hu, PhD, Fall 2015-

Nan Wang, PhD, Fall 2015-2021 Enhancement and Validation of Ground Motion Simulations

Shiying Nie, MS, Fall 2014-2015

Bill Savran, PhD, Fall 2012-2018 Developing Stochastic Models as Inputs for High-Frequency Ground Motion Simulations

Kyle Withers, PhD, Fall 2011-2016 Ground Motion and Variability from 3-D Deterministic Broadband Simulations

Rumi Takedatsu, MS, Fall 2009-11 2D modeling of receiver functions

John Mayhew, MS, Fall 2007-08 Goodness of fit metrics for broadband ground motion

Andreas Geisselmeyer, MS, Fall 2005-2006. Simulation of M9 earthquakes in the Pacific NW

Jeff Eddo, MS, Fall 2005-2007. Earthquake triggering from static and dynamic stress

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Last modified: 06 November 2014